Copy traders


Professional traders

  • In the Mrcoin, you can select a trader between Mrcoin's professional traders, and assign him the task by linking your account to his .
  • Mrcoin  workes as a copied system, it means any trade that Trader makes for ownself also will be  copied for you.


  • Trader have access to your account for buying and selling and its the only access they are not able to withdraw your money  , in this regard, Mrcoin guarantees the full security of your account.

Different exchanger

  • You can open an account in your choosen exchanger and then search a trader based on your requirement in Mrcoin copy traders

Make money

If you are a professional trader , then open an account  , copy it and Let the others connect to your account .it means they hire you as a trader and you get wage .

With this Mrcoin system, you can simultaneously trade for hundreds person .
here you are you make money by what you do for your own .